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Edition No. 22/E October 2005

Sensitivity of children to EMF exposure – do elevated susceptibilities to high-frequency mobile communication fields exist during discrete developmental phases?

Dr. med. Jörg Reißenweber, Janine Pöss and Prof. Dr. med. Eduard David
Electropathological Research Center of Witten/Herdecke University


At present, the question of whether developmental phases of increased sensitivity to high frequency electromagnetic fields during the development, formation and growth of the human body exist is a relevant one. The scientific community is not near the end of the deliberation process. Paediatrics, anatomy and physiology are invoked to conduct further research and to provide novel insights into the interactions between HF electromagnetic fields and the developing human organism.

It was the objective of this publication to outline the state of the art in this field. This included an overview of the general paediatric and medical aspects of children's growth and development. The overview dealt with the question whether the risk assessment of children in high-frequency EMF differs from that of adult persons. An important aim should consist in identifying putative sensitive phases or weak points of the human body during which electromagnetic fields might be able to provoke harmful effects on the health or the wellbeing of children and adolescents. Thus tests must be carried os to whether periods of growth or spans of life (crucial phases or time windows) may need to be specifically assessed.

From the medical point of view and on the basis of present knowledge, there is no justified reason or plausible suspicion of severe health hazards for the developing organism from exposure to HF electromagnetic fields from mobile communications. From the present state of knowledge the recommendation cannot be justified that children and adolescents must be particularly careful using mobile phones a priori. Nevertheless - for psychological reasons - children and adolescents are invoked to a „conscious“ use of mobile phones. That there is a need for further research in this field is clear, as not many studies have been carried out in this field up to now. It is worth performing more detailed research projects in future to obtain more evidence.

Sound scientific knowledge is the only method to restore a feeling of safety to the general public, which has been concerned about the matter for several years now. The question for the existence of „plateau phases“ of increased sensitivity of discrete biomedical parameters during the developmental phases of the human organism must remain open. Further scientific research therefore seems justified. Even the still unresolved henomenon of self-reported electromagnetic hypersensitivity can be mentioned in this context.

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