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  No. 2, June 2003 (Complete Edition, 1.07 MB)
Workshop Report: The genetic and cytogenetic aspects of RF-fields effects
Report from the Cost 281 Workshop: “Mobile Phone Base Stations and Health”
The effects of high GHz-signals on the vegetative nervous system
The effects of value limit reductions on the structure of mobile communication network systems and the total emissions from mobile phone base stations
The Swiss Research foundation for mobile communication
The Interphone Study- tracing the causes of brain tumours
Seeking what is true and what is false – how scientific knowledge comes about
The latest scientific news
Column: News

  No. 1, March 2003 (Complete Edition, 1.59 MB)
Media Analysis: Electrosmog in the media
Blood Brain Barrier and Mobile Communication Systems
Structure and function of the blood brain barrier
Field effects posed by mobile radio communication systems and the blood brain barrier
Does the Salford study deserve all the media attention it is getting?
A brief description of the Research Association for Radio Applications
The 11th annual meeting of the Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk
Conference Report: “Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health, Fundamental and Applied Research”
Politics: Topic: “Mobile radio communications and the Environment” is an outsider
The latest scientific news
Column: News