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  No. 3, September 2004 (Complete Edition, 867 KB)
Reports on the 26. Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society in Washington, DC 20 -24 June 2004
- Introduction
- Cellular Biology and Cellular Biophysics
- In vitro studies and mechanisms
- In vivo studies
- Studies in investigating RF fields
- Medical, epidemiological and dosimetric aspects
- Ultrashort high voltage pulses: research and applications
Digital Radio: Aspects of radiation emission
Blood screening in EMF research: Truth and fiction
Observations on a preliminary evaluation on the influence of mobile radio exposure on reticulocyte maturation
Replication and extension of the TNO study in Swizerland
News from Science
Column: News

  No. 2, June 2004 (Complete Edition, 762 KB)
Workshop on "stress proteins" in Helsinki
Workshop on "HF fields" in Thessaloniki
Workshop on "mechanisms" in Ft. Lauderdale/Florida
Where does media coverage of research results come from? Part II (continuation from Newsletter 1/2004)
Comparison of GSM mobile radio digital modulation with synchronic pulses of TV transmitters
Who is afraid of steep edges?
The Gabriel chip
Is microwaved food unhealthy?
Critical observations on the hypthesis of Bo Sernelius
Column: News

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