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  No. 2, July 2005 (Complete Edition, 979 KB)
EMF Portal - An Internet information system on the effects of electronic fields
How are scientific risks perceived in the population?
Why is a higher biological relevance attached to the importance of pulsed signals?
EMF hypersensitivity/hypersensibility – a stress syndrome
The miniWatt project
Safety of persons with cardiac pacemakers in mobile radio electromagnetic fields
Scientific Publishing, part II
Reproduction disorders and electromagnetic fields
Critical remarks on the REFLEX study
Column: News from Science
Column: News

  No. 1, April 2005 (Complete Edition, 1MB)
COST 281 Management Meeting und Workshop: „Do sinusoidal versus non-sinusoidal waveforms make a difference?”
Are there specific biological effects of pulsed fields? (Comment on the COST 281 Workshop)
Basics of mediation
Mediation as a model technique
Culture of dispute and risk discussion
Culture of dispute from the perspective of an informant
The future is in the ether (airwaves)
RFID – radio frequency identification
Power control of a GSM mobile phone
Scientific Publishing, part I
Column: News from Science
13. General Assembly of FGF
Column: News

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