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FGF-Workshop "Omics for Assessing Unclear Risks, Berlin 2008

Title: 17. FGF-Workshop (in cooperation with the IMBA-Network)
Omics for Assessing Unclear Risks
Year: Mai, 26-28 2008 in Berlin
Topic: Risk assessment with regard to carcinogenicity so far is largely based on evidence from epidemiological and animal studies while in vitro studies only play a supporting role. <br> The aim of this international workshop is to explore the potential of omics technologies for assessing unclear cancer risks. This will be done with the example of the effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF).
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Vijayalaxmi (University of Texas, San Antonio)
Cytogenetic studies in mammalian somatic cells exposed to radiofrequency radiation: past, present and future

Jochen Buschmann (Fraunhofer Institut Toxikologie und Experimentelle Medizin)
Conclusions from animal studies

Gabriele Berg-Beckhoff (Universität Bielefeld)
Conclusions from epidemiological studies

Günter Obe
Validity and reliability of genotoxic studies for cancer risk assessment

David Lloyd (UK Health Protection Agency)
Chromosomal aberration analysis. Is it informative for RF-EMF exposure?

Marco Durante (excerpt from talk given by Günter Obe)
Doing risk assessment based on genetic data

Jürgen Kiefer (Universität Gießen)
Comparative risk assessment with ionizing and nonionizing radiation

Zdenko Herceg (IARC, Lyon)
Importance of epigenetic changes in cancer

Klein-Hitpass (Medical Center Essen, Germany)
Validity and reliability of current omics studies for cancer research assessment

Peter Nürnberg (Universität Köln)
Future developments in omics technologies for cancer risk assessment

Ulrich Stelzl (MPI für Molekulargenetik Berlin)
Future developments of proteomics for cancer risk assessment

Christopher Portier (US. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)
Omics for risk assessment: pathways to disease

William Morgan (University of Maryland, Baltimore)
What have omics taught us about risks associated with exposure to ionizing radiation?

Martin Meltz
Can extrapolation of “omic” data be applied appropriately to radio frequency field bioeffects?
Overview on Genotoxicity Reserach (presented at PIERS 2006)

Dariusz Leszczysnki (STUK Finland)
The RF-EMF case I: Usability of “Omics”-Approach in Risk Assessment of RF-EMF

Helmut Franke (Universität Münster)
The RF-EMF case II: Genomics Approach

Gary Marchant (Center for the Study of Law, Science & Technology. Temps, Arizona USA)
Omics and the Precautionary Principle

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