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Genetic harm through mobile radio? - FGF/FMK workshop in Vienna (Austria)

Title: 18. FGF Workshop (in Cooperation with the Forum Mobilkommunikation)
Genetic damage through mobile radio?
Year: 17. September 2008 in Vienna/Austria
Topic: The aim of the information meeting on September 17 in Vienna (Austria) was to present the state of knowledge of genotoxic effects of radio applications and to give the researchers the opportunity to bring light into the confusing situation in this research area. The meeting is particulary aimed at employees from authorities and municipalities, doctors, representatives from science, environmental and consumer protection, people working with industrial health and safety standards as well as the media and the public interested in this subject. As to the speakers, we were successful in inviting the professors Kiefer, Obe, Speit and Lerchl. The presenter will be Dr. Gregor Dürrenberger. Conference language was German.
Presentations german:

Jürgen Kiefer
Genotoxicity - A short introduction

Günter Obe
Effects of high frequency EMF on the human DNA - An overview

Günter Speit
On the reproducibility of genotoxic effects through high frequency EMF reported in the REFLEX-Project

Alexander Lerchl
Scientific methods and communication

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